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Oil Filtration Systems For Proportional Hydraulics - Hydraulic Oil Filtration / Conservation / Purification
Oil Filtration Systems For Proportional Hydraulics - Hydraulic Oil Filtration / Conservation / Purification
Custom Made Oil Filtration Solutions - Hydraulic Oil Filtration / Conservation / Purification
Oil Filtration Systems For Proportional Hydraulics - Hydraulic Oil Filtration / Conservation / Purification
Oil Filtration Systems For Mobile Hydraulics - Hydraulic Oil Filtration / Conservation / Purification
Oil Filtration Systems For Proportional Hydraulics - Hydraulic Oil Filtration / Conservation / Purification
Oil Conservation - How It Works ?

Hydraulic Oil Filtration / Oil Conservation / Oil Purification

At this juncture of time world is really looking for such processes, which will lead to Green Environment without compromising its present utility. In simple words everybody is looking for modified processes which will improve quality, reduce cost and are environment friendly.

We believe that our expertise in this particular field should be made available to our customers in order to assist them in their quest for manufacturing excellence, with environmental protection.

We are very much glad and proud to share with you a proven technology that delivers you all above-mentioned benefits.
The Technology –
Background and basis of design - Fundamentally the question is why oil needs replacement. Oil need replacement in the following items increases it contribution beyond some specific limit, individually or collectively
  • Particulate contamination

  • Moisture

  • Soluble contamination like grease, solvent, etc.

  • Changes in Chemical Property (oxidation, TAN, TBN, etc.)

For all above ingredients one fundamental law applies which is called material balance-
Input + Generation = Removal + Accumulation
Assuming initial input is zero, equation becomes-
Addition = Removal + Accumulation

In this generation is inherent or the purpose of the process, and which can be assumed same or contant per job or per day.

In case whatever partcles getting generated are getting removed from the system than Accumulation = Zero ( I.e. initial oil quality will maintain the same throuout)

But practically we see the situation that contamination in the tank is increasing day by day i.e. it accumulating in the oil.

This clearly indicates that rate of removal is not matching to the rate of addition.

So only way to come out from this is to develop a process where removal rate will be equal or higher than that of rate of Addition.

The Economics :
Of course above mentioned is a well known concept. Generally the whole workability is dependent on economic feasibility. If processing is cheaper then it will be followed in case oil replacement is cheaper then it is done.
Few years back the situation was to replace to oil periodically as processing was toooo costly, with imported filtration cartridges. Today’s condition is very tricky that along with cost of oil disposal hassles are also added.
Innovation from Vats:

We at Vats Filtration Technologies have developed a systems which will not only maintain new oil now but also it improve the quality day by day.

The technological advantage is achieved by implementing bonflow filter elements which are rigid and graded density construction with very high dirt holing capacity to reduce operating cost. On an average the operating cost with bonflow elements are lower by 75 to 90% than that of any glass fiber filter media of equivalent quality.

Along with bonflow vats has developed ProAqua element for moisture separation and grease removal media and many such devices so as to remove all contaminants from source oil so as to maintain its properties for long period. We expect to use same oil for years together.

Case Study:
Location Leading tractor Manufacturing Company.
Application: Transmission Test Rig Oil Filtration
Background :

Tractor manufacturing and produces transmission box in-house. Each transmission is tested for its working and efficiency, before final assembly. Transmission is assembled with almost more than 100 components fitted together. As GMP generally all the components are washed before assembly. During assembly grease, sealant, etc. are applied.

Such assembled transmission comes on the transmission test rig. Oil is filled in the transmission and testing is carried out. During testing all dust, grease, sealant, etc. are mixed in the oil. After testing is complete oil is drained from the transmission and goes for final assembly.

Before Vats’ solution :
Oil is getting contaminated with each transmission adding some load into oil. Like this daily XX no transmission gets tested and same oil is used. Oil is getting circulated through xyz filters during testing. Each time transmission testing adds some load to the oil. After a week oil becomes too much contaminated with particles and grease and could not be used further for testing. So each week entire quantum oil needs replacement and cleaning of system.
Observations and concern :
Each testing requires say 40 lit of oil for testing. At the time of oil drain; approximate 700 ml to 1000 ml oil remain entrapped in the transmission. Initial one day oil quality is reasonable i.e. virgin/ fresh oil of NAS 10 to go the NAS >12 in first day only. Assume it is NAS 20.

Sr. No.


mg/lit (ACFTD)


























Please refer above table 1
Say 700 ml of NAS 20 oil which remains in transmission which carries 40 mg of dirt. During final assembly NAS 8 oil is filled to transmission. Now the total contamination 39.5lit @ 1mg/lit = 39.5 mg + 0.7 lit @ 5120 mg/lit = 3584 mg i.e. Total 3623 mg in 40 lit i.e. 90 mg/lit ≈ NAS 15

So entire oil becomes NAS 15 because of this small quantity of contaminated oil. (Please note that in some test beds oil conditions can very as per the actual condition can be better or worse.)

To overcome this quality issue the present practice is to replace oil after one week. So each week entire quantity of 1000 lit from each test rig is replaced. An every week

This situation continuous for a week, and understands that first transmission of the week could go with NAS 10 oil and last transmission of the week could go with NAS 99. This is the matter of concern and up most important for quality.

Analysis of situation :
Considering the design basis as mentioned above
Addition = Removal + Accumulation
Accumulation = Addition - Removal
It is very much clear that o have a system which will remove more that what is getting added per day so as to have cleaner oil than original all the time.
Suggestion :
Following system is designed and supplied intending to achieve desired oil quality and very important to save oil by not contaminating & disposing.
System Engineering and trouble Shooting :
Following points were to re considered in the design so as to make system successful technically & commercially
• Addition or Specially designed media to separate grease from oil
• Addition of continuous recirculation mechanism to achieve the consistency
• Designing of the load calculation
Final Achieved Results –
• System is stabilized to achieve NAS 8 consistent for 1st to nth transmission 24 hr 365 days.
• Same oil is used in the system i.e. not replacement is required from last more than a year.
• Quality issues related to oil have become ZERO.
• Estimated net saving of oil to the tune of 3,00,000 liters per year along with the lots of value addition.
Conclusion :
With these design concept along-with state of the art bonflow elements this type of Grate Value Addition is possible. This type of system has been proven at-least 20 location and overall oil saving estimated to be 10,00,000 liter per annum with vats filtration system.
To conclude overall it is win-win-win and win condition –
For user manufacturing company it is quality improvement along and cost cutting (There is a extremely big opportunity to get carbon credit, so this activity is not only cost reduction but this will become revenue generation for our end customers)
For Country it conservation of oil and saving of foreign resources
For World it is a process towards Green Environment
For Vats and our Channel Partner a immense pleasure and satisfaction of making all above possible and a opportunity to work with further saving.
The Invitation :
Is to look into all possible are of present operation where there is quality improvement requirement, where there is oil consumption, consider vats will have a solution to convert into revenue model.
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